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A&O Plumbing, Corp is a fully licensed, complete plumbing contractor. Our scope of work includes all these fields, new homes, multi-family residential complexes, mid-risers, restaurants, commercial shell buildings, supermarkets, shopping centers, medical buildings, and aviation.

Our company has experience in a wide range of plumbing work, including the installation of plumbing systems and fixtures, such as water service pipes and valves, sanitary lines, trench drain systems, storm drain systems, sinks, water closets, water heater systems (gas or electric), boiler systems and pumps. We also install gas piping and valves, condensation lines for refrigerators and AC units, sleeves for refrigeration units, fireproofing and insulation for all pipes.

A&O Plumbing, Corporation was founded in 2004 by Alexander Rodriguez, whose focus and purpose is to provide quality and affordable services and build long lasting relationships with the general contractors that we provide service to. Our objective is not to do one job for any certain contractor but to be counted on in the years to come. A&O has grown from a small two man operation to a corporate structure which now employs 80-90 plumbers, technicians and office staff which have excelled in Multi-family, Commercial, restaurant and aviation plumbing services. Our steady growth and leadership have allowed us to contract some of the most renowned contractors in the United States. With offices in Miami and Tampa, we cover a vast majority of the State of Florida. With future expansion plans, A&O is looking to increase their workforce.

Our company knows that a successful job completion depends on strong, skilled supervisors in the field and capable workers in the office. Our company has field supervisors that have extensive experience in both workmanship and supervisory positions. Our key office personnel is capable of their work and expertise.

Our employees are put through safety talks and are continuously trained in the work they do. Our company ensures safety with our staff and with other trades working on ours.


We do our own CAD coordination for Pipe Sleeving throughout the floors to make sure all our sleeves fall within walls.
If a Project Requires BIM coordination or Revit coordination we can also accommodate and have a team ready for any
coordination that need to take place.


We use our own Backhoes and mini-excavators for working on our jobsites.
This allows us to have a better control of machinery and drivers in the project location. A faster response time
is also given when we can take our own machinery from jobsite to jobsite.